You need an active user account to create tasks.

1. click on the green plus icon in the bottom middle

Or: open the menu in the upper left corner and click on “Create task”.

Further instructions for SAM Android:


2. Store details of the task:

  • Picture: you can upload your own picture, but you don’t have to. If you do not upload an image, the SAM standard image will be used.
  • Category: Select a category from the 10 categories.
  • Title and description: Please choose a title that is as meaningful as possible. Write all relevant information in the description, e.g. how exactly the task has to be performed, whether there are any special requirements and by when the task has to be completed.
  • Postcode and location: select the location of the event so that helpers can quickly find the tasks from their region

3. Please check your details carefully, you cannot change the details afterwards! When you are finished, click on the “Send” icon on the bottom right.